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$24.99 Online Instant Medical Clearance to Wear Respirator

You will NOT be charged if you cannot be cleared by online evaluation. This medical clearance is OSHA compliant: see OSHA Compliance.

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Information for Employees

This online medical evaluation is based on the answers that you provide. It allows clearance of the majority of people completing the questionnaire. It is not designed to take into account all of the on-going or one-time medical problems that a person may have.

If you have medical problems that fall outside of the approval structure of this online evaluation, you may not receive a medical clearance from this process. Upon completion of the questions your result will be displayed indicating whether you may proceed to fit testing or not. If you do not pass your evaluation, this does not mean that you are not qualified to wear a respirator. It only means that you must provide a medical care provider with further information. As an employer or individual, you will not be charged if you cannot be cleared by this questionnaire.

Results are available immediately. The certificate is automatically emailed to the address provided, following payment.

If at any time your respirator type or frequency of use significantly changes, if you develop symptoms that you feel may be related to use of the respirator or if you develop a medical condition which may prevent effective respirator use, you should notify your supervisor and request to complete a new medical evaluation questionnaire for respirator use immediately.

Medical clearance for respirator use from B & A Respirator Services, LLC, is valid for one year from the date of evaluation.

By completing the questionnaire, you hereby attest that you understand and agree to the above.

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Barb Razer
Email: respiratorfittests@gmail.com
Phone: (314) 266-9820

B & A Services provides online instant medical clearance to wear a respirator and provides respirator fit testing at your work place or job site, eliminating the need to pay for travel or to have wait time. Questions regarding our services may be directed to respiratorfittests@gmail.com or (314) 266-9820.