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$24.99 Online Instant Medical Clearance to Wear Respirator

You will NOT be charged if you cannot be cleared by online evaluation. This medical clearance is OSHA compliant: see OSHA Compliance.

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For Employers: How It Works

You will NOT be charged if you cannot be cleared by online evaluation. YOU lose nothing by completing the questionnaire.
Questions call: Barb Razer at (314) 266-9820

If employer wants to purchase multiple respirator clearances/evaluations to be used by employees remotely at any time, please contact us at respiratorfitests@gmail or Phone: (314) 266-9820 and you will be invoiced for clearances. After online payment the employer will receive a code employees can use to pay for online instant medical respirator clearance. If you need further testing and cannot be cleared online you owe nothing.

The online method for employers to obtain medical evaluation of respirator wearers as required by the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134**). The Online Respirator Medical Evaluation has a web-based interactive questionnaire, which gives you immediate notification of the results. The employee does not need to leave work site.

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OSHA Standard 29CFR1910.134 requires employees to be medically cleared to wear a respirator when their employer requires respirator use. Employees required to wear disposable respirators with N, R or P ratings; half mask; or full-face respirators need this clearance. Your employer has chosen this online service to give you the opportunity to obtain this clearance in an easy and cost-efficient manner. There is no need to pay for travel or to have wait time. There is an estimated cost savings of $100 to $350 per online medical evaluation to wear a respirator. The majority of people receive this medical clearance simply by filling out this questionnaire and do not need further evaluation by a physician or other licensed health care professional.

All employees who use respirators for their job are required to complete a medical evaluation that complies with 29 CFR 1910.134. The Online Respirator Medical Evaluation can be completed from any computer with Internet access, and provides immediate results.

Medical Evaluation Features

If your employee does not pass his/her evaluation, this does not mean that they are not qualified to wear a respirator. It only means that they cannot use the online system for easy clearance and must provide a medical care provider with further information. If you were not cleared to wear a respirator, you owe nothing.

Results available immediately.

Certificate automatically emailed to candidate or email provided by employee.

Barb Razer
Email: respiratorfittests@gmail.com
Phone: (314) 266-9820

The Process
  1. The employee must know the type of respirator that will be worn: disposable respirators with N, R or P rating, half face, full-face or self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

  2. Employee must know type of work they are expected to conduct while wearing a respirator.

  3. The evaluation can be completed from any Internet-capable computer, and results are transmitted immediately.

  4. Begin Respirator Medical Clearance Questionnaire.

  5. Need help by call (314) 266-9820.

  6. Answer each question accurately and carefully. Errors will result in a test retake.

  7. If you have not been selected to wear or to use either a full-face respirator or a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), it is not necessary to answer questions in Section 3, 10-15. A SCBA is a full-face respirator with supplied breathing air from an attached compressed air bottle that is worn by the employee. Once you have checked your answers, submit questionnaire.

  8. If you were cleared to wear respirator, you will be asked to submit payment.

  9. If you were not cleared to wear a respirator, you owe nothing.

  10. If you have medical problems that fall outside of the approval structure of this on-line evaluation, you may not receive a medical clearance from this process. This does not mean you cannot wear a respirator. It simply means that an approval cannot be made through this system. If you are not approved you need a more comprehensive evaluation through a physician or other licensed health care professional for final determination.

  11. This online medical evaluation is based on the answers that you provide. It will allow clearance of the majority of people who complete the questionnaire. It is not designed to take into account all of the on-going or one-time medical issues a person may have.

  12. If you think you made errors while completing questionnaire, you may repeat the process.

  13. Upon completion of the medical questionnaire, your result will be displayed indicating whether you may proceed to fit testing or not.

  14. Your medical clearance will be immediately e-mailed to the address provided, following payment.

  15. You can also print your certificate following payment.

  16. If at any time your respirator type or frequency of use significantly changes, if you develop symptoms you feel may be related to the use of the respirator or if you develop a medical condition which may prevent effective respirator use, you should notify your supervisor and request to complete a new medical evaluation questionnaire for respirator use immediately. Medical clearance for respirator use from B & A Services is valid for one year from the date of evaluation.

  17. By completing questionnaire, you hereby attest that you understand and agree to the above.

  18. We do not share your contact information with anyone.

B&A Services provides Online Instant Medical Clearance to Wear Respirator and Respirator Fit Testing at your work place or job site, eliminating the need to pay wages for travel and waiting time or other travel costs. Questions regarding our services may be directed to respiratorfittests@gmail.com or (314) 266-9820.

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